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USB Extenders

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Manhattan Hi

$18 Ex Tax: $18

Manhattan Hi-Speed USB Active Extension Cable - Daisy-Chainable, A Male / A Female, 10 m (33 ft.) , Retail Box, Limited Lifetime Warranty Easily overcome distance limitations to connect USB devices.Use the Manhattan Hi-Speed USB Active Extension Cable to connect a computer USB port to a USB device almost anywhere in the room. Up to three daisy-chainable cable extensions provides a convenient, 30 m..

Manhattan USB Line Extender

$22 Ex Tax: $22

Manhattan USB Line extender - Up to 60M Retail Box Limited Lifetime Warranty Extends The Distance To Any USB Device Up To 60 m (196 ft.)   Product Overview   The MANHATTAN USB Line Extender easily bridges the distance between a USB device and a PC host without signal loss. The local and remote units with the UNIQUE UIC 4102 chipset and a Cat5e network cable (not included) can connect, process and..

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