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Security and Alarm Product

**Kindly note that the LOCAL PRODUCTS (RSA) category is only available for delivery in South Africa.
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Oplink Connected C1S3 Triple Shield Wireless

$361 Ex Tax: $361

Oplink Connected C1S3 Triple Shield Wireless Security System Wireless Security & Monitoring and Surveillance Solution-includes:1 x OPU2120, 1 x Wi-Fi IP Cam, 2 x Door/Window Sensor, 1 x Siren, Retial Box , 1 Year warranty Complete Wireless Security and Alert System- Remote Control Through Mobile App Product OverviewThe Oplink’s TripleShield™ [ 6957576290516] wireless security, monitoring, and surv..

Securnix Hand held metal detector

$35 Ex Tax: $35

Securnix Hand held metal detector (SUPER WAND)* With super high sensitivity, it can detect extremely tiny metal articles* It can accurately detect all tiny metal articles* Sound and vibration alarm are optional* Control part: ON, OFF, vibration* Indicating part: Red light indicates alarm; green light indicates power and yellow light indicates low voltage* Working power supply: 6F22ND 9 V battery (..

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